Denim on Denim


There is no fall fashion without a denim on denim look. That’s a rule. Not really, but I’m obsessed with this look, and it was so to easy pull off.

There is something about simplicity of this look and my surroundings that made for a special moment. In a world where things have to be grand, big, and exciting to make us happy, I find solace in peaceful quiet places these days. Everything about my life these days is smaller. It’s humble…some may say I’ve been humbled, and I’m good with that. I wouldn’t change anything about the experiences that have led me to this moment.

I live in NYC the epitome of grand, big and exciting. To be honest…I’m over it. On a beautiful day out you can’t find an open spot in any of the parks, I live across the street from Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and I’m never there. Whenever I can, I run to my new escapes. The peace of mind and rejuvenation I get for free is just mind blowing.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed my denim shirt is a closet staple, and this high waisted jeans I recently purchased from ASOS on sale is quickly becoming just that. I’ll be wearing these boots all fall/winter long, after searching for a pair for the last few seasons, I was thrilled to find these for less than $30.

Go get you a simply denim on denim look and while you’re at it enjoy the simplicity that surrounds you.

Shirt: ASOS
High Wasted Jeans: ASOS
Coat: She Inside
Boots: Just Fab

Stylishly Yours,

Fall Nights






My days are extremely long in the fall, there are very few opportunities to enjoy a night out. Any small chance to get dressed up and head out…I jump on it. Fall nights can be tricky though, the temperature drops dramatically, and you usually need the layer you were carrying in your hand throughout day. Luckily, I didn’t need one when I stepped out recently for a quick dinner and to catch up with Linda.

My favorite thing about this look…the colors. Oxblood is THE color of the season and has been for the last few seasons. The chartreuse peplum top just compliments it perfectly, I pulled the entire look together with my favorite H&M buy ever…color blocked pumps.

Hope you are having great fall nights before Mr. Winter decides to run us all into the house and under our blankets.

Pant: H&M
Top: H&M
Pumps: H&M

Stylishly Yours,

Is the peplum here to stay?


The peplum has a long history starting in the 1800s. It went largely underground in the 70s, resurfacing in the 80s and dominating fashion scene these days. Will it dominate for much longer?

The gaudy years of the peplum journey in the 80s is enough to make anyone skeptical but, just this past season the it was all over the runways.

So, I grabbed my dramatic peplum top and green pants and took them for a whirl. My hair really gave this look the edge it needed.

The peplum isn’t going anywhere for a while, it has evolved and made itself relevant for centuries. It may have some underground years again but, it will remain a staple in many closets.

What do you think, is the peplum here to stay?

Stylishly Yours,

The Summer Glow







My summer glow is EVERYTHING! I’m just sayin…lol. I’m going to miss it so very much. I stumbled on to these pictures and they immediately brought a ray of sunlight into a gloomy day.

I’ve heard quite a few times this year…I’m glowing. Cheers to that… It’s a glow that comes from a genuinely happy and secure place. When you go through something devastating, there is a new found fearlessness and courage that you had no idea existed within you. That’s the glow.

It’s great to have flawless skin, thorough makeup regimes, and a million new products but those can never take the place of a genuinely happy girl.

Stylishly Yours,

Stripes on Stripes







There was a time when stripes were against the rules for a plus size girl. Thanks to many plus-size bloggers that’s a thing of the past. When I pulled out this skirt I got from H&M ($12.95), I wanted to go against the grain, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Then I saw the top, a long sleeved tee from Target’s Merona collection ($7 on sale), and thought “Stripes on Stripes!” Putting these two pieces together was pretty easy and a total no brainer.

If you’re not quite ready for stripes on stripe, try incorporating stripes into your wardrobe as a great accent. Stripes are still very on trend for fall so you can find them just about anywhere.

Checkout GabiFresh’s tips on finding the perfect stripe for you here.

With that said, I’ll continue taking my stand against the myths about plus size fashion. Join me and wear some stripes!