5 Powerful Commencement Addresses by Black Women

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It’s that time of year again! Graduation at any level is such an incredible achievement. I love attending commencement ceremonies for the hope and pride in the air. The Commencement Address is without a doubt the part most of us look forward to. As graduates we look forward to the announcement of who will deliver said address. Sometimes we’re met with disappointment, but any of the following 5 black women would be well received. Here are 5 powerful Commencement Addresses by black women:

1. Melissa Harris-Perry, Wellesley College, 2012

In a world that teaches women to be thin, be thick.

Thick is the only thing worth being. When you are thick you unconditionally embrace the object of your attention. Thick women make fools of themselves all the time, because thin women stand on the sidelines; they’re critical; they’re removed; they’re barely committed. Thick people pitch tents in a park with the belief that social action can change an entire international global system of economic injustice.

~Melissa Harris-Perry

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What I learned at Blogger Week 2015

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I’ve been blogging for many years, an active member of the blogging community I was not. I’ve shied away from really putting myself and the blog out there. I carried feelings of inadequacy, I didn’t think my little ole’ blog compared to other blogs.

I’ve passed up on many opportunities to connect with and most importantly learn from other bloggers. Understanding, this was one of the reasons, I wasn’t seeing the growth I wanted. I decided to change things. Having the opportunity to hear and learn from people with bigger blogs and stronger brands is not something I will pass on going forward. So when I heard about Blogger Week, it was a no brainer for me to attend.

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Let’s Talk About Violence


It’s shocking how righteous some Americans become about ‘violence’ when black and brown people use it to disrupt a system that oppresses them day in and day out. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE…violence is as American as apple pie.

America has employed extreme violence against black and brown people, since day one. DAY ONE!! Is it this context that is missing when some people discuss the events currently happening in Baltimore. It is violence against black and brown bodies that built this nation and the same sustains it. It is not some high moral caliber that has us sitting as the declining world superpower. It is pure unadulterated violence.

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