Suited for Spring


Spring is in the air but, not quite here. Tempts are still just above freezing and the wind just won’t let my big hair be great. Yet still, I ventured suited for spring. I adore this suit and y’all already know that when I put this coat on, “Feelin Myself” automatically started playing in my head.

I’m not a big fan of pants but pant suits are definitely quickly becoming a fav. I purchased this one last year from Forever21. The print and colors are just perfect for spring. Not to mention the fact that it compliments my spectacular yellow vintage coat so well.

This suit is no longer available at Forever21 but you can find some great here, here, and here.

A few of you have mentioned that you were looking for a great yellow coat. The one I’m wearing here is vintage, but you can find one here, here and here.

Are you planning to try the suit trend this spring?


Fun with Texture


It’s been a minute. I wish I could say “Happy Spring” but, it’s snowing here in NYC today. Lift us up in prayer. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and show you guys how much fun I had recently with my textured skirt and coat. Texture is another element of fashion that I’m currently exploring. It just adds a level of uniqueness and sass. When you wear textured pieces, there is always a fine line between chic and overdone. The pastel colors really helped me strike the appropriate balance.

This was a nice break from my usual days of grabbing whatever is clean. I’m so focused on doing well at school and work, fashion is usually the last thing on my mind. For the sake of my sanity I recently decided to enter a model casting for Full Figured Fashion Week that will take place in June.

This is such a huge step outside of my comfort zone. I questioned my decision so many times but, at the end of the day this is what life is all about. Growth requires us to step outside of makes us comfortable. The journey to self-acceptance is not an easy one, filled with so many bumps and bruises. I’m determined to love myself and build my confidence, this is only the beginning. The tour stops in NYC this weekend, wish me luck.

Skirt (vintage): Similar
Crochet Gray Tunic: Lane Bryant
Blazer: Forever21 (similar)
Coat: Old Navy (SOLD OUT)


Unusually Casual


Minimalism is in. I love the minimalist aesthetic, it’s so very chic. The colors, the shapes, and the straight lines are just stunning. I’m not a minimalist, I’m usually a bit overdressed. I try to tone it down a bit, but we’re talking about a girl that’s known as GLAMsavvy. The glam factor matters to me. I think it’s one of the fun parts of being a woman. Get completely overdressed and take the world by storm.

Although sometimes treated that way, minimalism and glamour are not mutually exclusive. You can pull off a glammed up minimalist look effortlessly. In this look I tried to keep it unusually minimalist/casual with a bit of glam of course. I incorporated my faux fur stool, which always gives a bit of glam.

Looking through the pics for this post, I’m so thoroughly through with the snow and the wind. The weather finally broke this week in NYC and I hope it will only be uphill from here. I can no longer be responsible for my actions if the weather continuous to torture us.

Anyway, how do you add some glam to your minimalist/casual looks?

Dress (old) similar
Shirt (old) similar
Jacket (similar): H&M
Boots (similar): JustFab
Faux Fur Snood (similar): ASOS

All About Color


When you think of all the elements of a great look, color is the first thing that comes to mind. This particular look is all about the colors. I love a great pastel color story. The warm colors just make me smile. The yellow coat is the other awesome find from my vintage haul in Hudson Valley. It makes such a chic statement. I wanted to pair it with minimalist pieces and the light teal turtleneck and camel skirt did the trick. It came together so effortlessly, I couldn’t have imagined it any better.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a signature style. I don’t want to box myself in, but I want a distinct style that can be easily identifiable as my own. This look is definitely heading in the right direction as a signature look. The big hair, the colors, and the effortless combination of vintage and modern pieces definitely ring true as part of my style identity. I’m looking forward to solidifying this and using this as the base of many future looks. This should be fun.
Do you have a signature style? I want to hear about it.

Coat- Vintage
Shoes- Modcloth


10 Lessons of Blogging


I started blogging because I felt under represented. I wanted to build a safe community for black girls like me. Things have not happened as quickly as I thought they would, but I can see the growth. The blog is finally in a place that I am truly proud of. The process of building a brand, literally making nothing into something will teach you a thing or two. Here are my 10 lessons of blogging:

1. Patience
Whatever a successful blog looks like for you, it won’t happen overnight. You must have patience. When I first started I just knew that people would connect with the brand and become readers of the blog. The only problem was, I had no idea how to connect with people or how to create quality original content. It’s taken some time to improve my craft and become worthy of my readers time.

2. Authenticity
Nothing you do as a blogger will impact your blog as much as being yourself. When I first started blogging I didn’t think that sharing my own stories would be interesting enough, so I focused on telling the stories of women like me. As time passed, I realized that readers had no idea who I was. The blog and my social media pages read like a mystery person. I had to remove the mystery and infuse who I am into all aspects of the brand. Being your authentic self can be hard, but nothing will help you connect with your audience as much a YOU.

3. Connections
Being yourself affords you great opportunities to connect. Your passions, interests, and talents will lead you to others with the same passions, interests, and talents. The last few months I’ve made some really great connections with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and stylistas. It’s been a really rewarding experience. Shout out to all my connects…lol.

4. Be supportive
As I’ve made these connections, being supportive has been just as important. You really can’t expect people to read and support your blog if you don’t do the same. I’ve found it easy to engage with other blogger’s content, or just sending a kind word can really help keep a fellow blogger motivated.

5. Details Matter
There are millions of blogs out. I’ve learned to pay attention to the details and turn up the volume on the things that sets me a part.

6. Write…a lot.
You must keep writing. It’s literally the only way to improve your writing skills. This continues to be a challenge, but with every blog post it gets easier. I’m always writing a piece for the blog, some come together easier than others. I actually hope to start writing for other blogs soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

7. Have a voice
Your own unique voice as a blogger is key to keeping your blog fresh and interesting. It’s easy to try to emulate the voice of bigger blogs but that gains you nothing. Your voice as a blogger is infused with personality, humor, and strong opinions. It takes some time to get there, but it remains at the forefront of my mind.

8. Be fearless
Authentic blogging requires a certain level of fearlessness. To be honest, I didn’t blog about myself for a really long time because I was worried about what people would think. I was worried about being viewed as self-centered. The end of my marriage (this is still hard to write) really changed that. Looking back so much of my life, wedding, and marriage was about what people thought of me. When it all fell apart, there was a weight lifted. I now fear nothing, especially the opinions of people.

9. Work Hard
I’ve always worked hard but nothing compares to building something from scratch. I’m constantly working to grow the blog. It can be a 24/7 job if you’re not careful. Everything that it is now took a tremendous amount of ME. With that said, there is still a ton of work to be done. I’m here for it…let’s go!

10. Don’t give up
You never know how close you are to your goal. Stick with it. I love this blog so much. I see pieces of it falling into place and that warms my heart. I could have given up, but I did not. It’s all coming together now and I’m so happy I didn’t.

I don’t have it all figured out, at all. I truly enjoy blogging and the lessons I’ve learned so far can be applied to more than just this blog but my life.

Fellow bloggers, please share lessons #bloggingtaughtyou. I hope it’s been as wonderful for you all as it’s been for me.