Snowmageddon 2015


Blizzard turned winter storm Juno came through with all it’s glory on Monday night into Tuesday morning. How cute is the name Juno for a strom? I love it. It got a little hectic here in NYC, Mayor DeBlasio did a great job of prepping the city and keeping people safe. My grandmother always said “prevention is better than cure.” We were prepared and Juno veered off 50 miles in the other direction. YAY!

Linda and I had the day off yesterday and decided to walk around the corner to Prospect Park for some fun in the snow. I totally felt like a kid again, so much fun. If you were wondering what Prospect Park look like covered in snow…it’s stunning.

After freezing our butts off we ran back into the house for my mom’s chicken soup. Time well spent.

The Cape Coat


I can’t even with this coat. Like, I DIED!! In the last hour of my trip to Hudson, I decided to do some vintage shopping. The first shop was downstairs from our apartment on Warren Street. It was a dud. A few unique pieces but a bit overpriced. I was disappointed- I waited almost the entire trip to check out the shop. The owner had a be back in 5 minutes sign on the door for 2 days. I’m not kidding.

I then headed to another shop recommended by our host. ‘Five & Diamond’ was nicely tucked away from the main strip of Warren Street, directly across the street from another vintage shop. Needless to say I left with my hands full and my vintage appetite satisfied.

The coat was hanging on a mannequin near the entrance when we spotted it. Upon asking the owner about it, she let us know she was willing to mark down all outerwear pieces in preparation for spring. JACKPOT!!

After all was said and done I walked away with this amazing coat for $40. I also scored a yellow coat (I’ve been looking for the perfect one) and 2 skirts (I’m wearing one under the coat in this look.)

Not too shabby. A successful vintage hunt. I will pass the coat unto my daughter…no really. It’s that serious.

If you have any questions about look, feel free to e-mail me or hit me on Twitter.

Winter Getaway: Hudson








As a self-proclaimed passionista, I exert a tremendous amount of energy in all areas in my life. I’m more often than not…too exhausted to stay sane. To keep that kind of energy present, I’ve learned that disconnecting and getting re-inspired is really essential to keeping my spark. There is no better way to kick off 2015 than a 4-day winter getaway in Hudson, NY.

If you live in New York City, you don’t have to venture too far to find an escape from the grit and grind. Hudson is approximately two and a half hours away from NYC. It is the perfect mix of the urban and rural. Rural enough to feel transported from your big city but, urban enough to get a great meal and enjoy some well curated art.

Hudson has developed the reputation as quite the curated town, as some of the countries taste makers flock to the town. Opening beautiful shops and buying prominent real estate. I live in Brooklyn, so riding around the town I couldn’t help but notice the obvious income gaps, and poverty around the town that no one seems to be talking about. It was all conveniently glossed over the in this beautiful piece by the New York Times.

Yes, there are some really tasteful and well curated spots but, I didn’t turn a blind eye to the deteriorating houses and destitute areas. I couldn’t. The reviews never quite tell the story of the people of color being pushed out of the trendy spots for whites. Visit, but don’t be blind.

I kept it rather low-key for those four days. My style was very “rural chic.” I had the essentials for any winter getaway: a parka jacket, a good pair of jeans, olive leggings, faux fur vest, over the knee socks, denim shirt, sweaters, and a good boot. You just can’t go wrong with any combination on the above pieces on your next winter getaway.

By the way, I lucked out and found the most amazing vintage shop and purchased an amazing cape coat. It will be on the blog later today.

If you questions about any look, please feel free to e-mail me or hit me on Twitter. Be sure to check back for “5 Things to do in Hudson Valley in the winter.”