Fall Florals


It’s a approximately a week before the official start of fall, I’m too excited. Florals will be in full bloom. Fall florals are usually a bit on the darker side but, these pants are perfect for transitioning. They’re light enough to remind you of summer but long enough to provide enough coverage from the cooler air.

I bought them at Evette Boutique (a Brooklyn known discount clothing store) on Court St for $19.99
The peplum top I got at the Fashion to Figure (@ftf on IG) sample sale for $5. It came with a removable necklace. Shoes from Tempo for $25. Bag gifted. I really love all these pieces together, when I put them together I literally squealed…lol.

Will you indulge in fall florals? Let us know.


I hate Shorts




I not a fan of wearing shorts. I’m sure many of you can relate. If your thighs rub you know where I’m coming from. They ride up and create somewhat of a baby bump – not cute.

These shorts were no different but they are so cute I could not pass them up. I grabbed them from Jewel’s Vintage Closet at her ‘End of ‘Summer clearance sale. This outfit was only $15 (Shorts- $10; Shirt- $5.)

The amazing price forced me to wear it the first time, although I knew it would not be the most comfortable experience. This time I decided to try something different- I wore my Spanx under my shorts. I convinced myself that it would prevent the shorts from riding up…I was so wrong. It actually made it worse! It wound up creating even more friction. I’ll admit, it was a bit uncomfortable but I was cute…lol!

Beyond that, being paired with this light denim button down made it comfortable and chic.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone do what I did but if you give it a try and let me know how it works for you! Do you guys hate shorts as much as we do?


Boho Chic


I don’t usually go this bohemian but, I loved this look. It was definitely outside the box but, still me. I was going through my closet yesterday when I stumbled upon these pants I purchased from Forever21 earlier this summer. My immediate thought was I can’t let summer end without wearing these pants so I grabbed them and, began feverishly looking for something to pair them with.

I tried matching tops but nothing seem to work, so I grabbed this printed cropped top also from Forever21 and it just worked. I was going to end it there until I noticed something staring at me in the mirror…my ass. LAWDT. Don’t get me wrong I’m in a very happy space. I’ve been eating whatever I want and I haven’t stepped foot in the gym since early July…and it shows. For this reason I threw on this printed kimono and it also worked. On that note…I’ll be back in the gym this week and try to watch what I eat.

This look is NOT for everybody. My own mother’s words were, “I know you like dressing out there, but this is just WAY out there and I don’t like it.” OK…thanks mom. I proceeded to explain to her that I don’t adore all of her style choices. The shoes she was wearing at the time were definitely questionable. But…who am I?

That’s the great thing about style, it’s YOURS. Do as YOU please.

Stylishly Yours,

Statement Vintage Pieces







Statement pieces are so necessary! This vintage blazer definitely falls into that category. They add so much personality and coolness to a wardrobe. They are usually a bit more expensive than their basic counterparts. A blazer like this one could easily be found at H&M, TopShop, or ZARA for $150, I paid under $20 for this blazer at Jewel’s Vintage Closet. Most of my vintage pieces are one of a kind statement pieces that cost me next to nothing. If you’re looking for great statement pieces at an even greater price, a vintage shop is your best friend.

I should also note that vintage clothing is not about granny dresses and long skirts. People tend to shy away from anything vintage because they think it something their grandmother wore. That might be true…but don’t sleep on your granny, she had style.

I paired this blazer with a basic black crop top and skirt, my combat boots added just the right amount of edge to complete the look.

Cheers to finding statement vintage pieces.

Blazer- Jewel’ Vintage Closet
Cropped Top- Forever21
Skirt- She Inside
Bag- H&M
Boots- Forever21


The love is in the Details







The love is in the details…that’s definitely the case with this dress…

At the outset it gives off a bold African/Aztecy feel but there are also a few more subtle patterns that I absolutely love. When I first put it on, I noticed that there was a simple black and white stripe and the colors that looked so bold from a distance were soft pastels that came together beautifully.

Originally priced around $80, I got it for $25! I bought it at Lane Bryant during a GREAT sale. Its now a special piece that makes a statement about me while fitting me like a glove.

This dress reminds me to embrace my complexities. My personality is bold and I’m very energetic, but once you take a closer look you’ll see nothing but love. The love is definitely in the details…