Blouse & Checkered Skirt

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I actually shot this look before I headed on vacation, and I’m so in love with these photos. I decided on grey and black braids for vacation this year and it was a hit. Loved it so much.

This checkered skirt is just EVERYTHING, but the split detail at the front seals the deal. I paired it with the orange blouse for a pop of color to make things a bit more interesting.

I don’t know about you but, for me gold is a neutral so these gold shoes were a no brainer.

It’s hump day, I’m finally getting my grove back at work and with blogging. I really felt like I sabotaged myself by going on vacation for two weeks. It really takes a few days to get your momentum back after lounging around for two long weeks. Happy I’m out of my ‘back to work slump.’

Hope you’re having an awesome week.

Skirt: ASOS s/o (similar)
Blouse: Forever21 s/o (similar)
Shoes: ASOS

Grenada + #LifeinspiredbyYOU

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I just returned from two weeks vacation. This isn’t really a recap because I tried to stay in the moment, I even left my laptop at home (on the insistence of my loved ones.) We spent one week in Grenada and the other week in Trinidad. All of my #islandgyal roots are planted in Grenada. This is the second year in a row that I chose to vacation there. While I do plan to visit many other countries very soon, visiting Grenada does something for my soul. I spent the week in an amazing villa, on beautiful beaches, eating delicious food, and spending time with family and friends. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

This was only my first week of vacation, after going to the beach every single day, visiting some of the most amazing sites, experiencing pieces of #spicemas2015, and loving on my amazing little cousins we hopped on to a plane to Trinidad. I’ll be sharing more on that trip tomorrow.

I remember when vacationing was just a dream and I’m planning on doing so multiple times a year visiting and exploring new places. That’s the life I envision for myself and that’s the life I will work extremely hard to have.

I say all of this not to brag but to share with you my new motto for life, #lifeinspiredbyYOU. We spend so much of our time waiting for things outside of ourselves to create the life we want for ourselves. That’s just not how any of this works.

We have everything we need within ourselves to create the life we want. God has created us with purpose and passion. That’s enough!

More on #lifeinspiredbyYou you very soon! Get excited!

#BuyBOBMonth Linkup Challenge

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Welcome to the linkup portion of the #BuyBOBmonth challenge! If you have bought your black-owned business product and you’re ready to show off your new buy, you’ve come to the right place! My cohosts and I are so happy to have you participate in the last leg of the challenge and we cannot wait to see what you have bought!

Linkup Rules:

1. Add your link to the post! Your link will show up on every hosts’ linkup post no matter which blog you go to upload (more exposure for you!).

2. Make sure the post is the link specific to this challenge so do not link your blog homepage. Failure to follow this instruction may result in your post being removed from the link up.

3. When sharing your post on Twitter, use the #BuyBOBmonth hashtag. That way we can track all of the challenge posts there too. You are also free to show off your item(s) on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest…anywhere at all!

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL: At the very least, you must comment on or share the link posted right before yours via Twitter. If you are first in the link up, you must do this with a link posted after yours. The point of the linkup is to celebrate black-owned products and create a sense community based on this celebration while keeping you informed about other great black-owned business products that are out there. Failure to follow this rule may result in your post getting deleted from the linkup.

This linkup is brought to you by:

Nia (@glamsavvy)The GlamSavvy Life• Tamara (@baydiangirl) from Baydian Girl
Neosha (@NeoshaLatrice) from ItsRatedNGEE • Vanessa(@NessaRWilliams) from Vanessa R. Williams • Mary(@verilymary) from Verily Merrily Mary

Link away, friends! We can’t wait to read about your new finds!

The Little Orange Dress











I believe in the powers of the little orange dress (LOD). Similar to the little black dress (LBD), the LOD can transform any black girl from mundane to instantly chic. Call it black girl magic.

I remember meeting with a designer a while back to discuss this idea I had about remaking the classic fashion pieces with a care free black girl twist. Instead of the little black dress, we would create the little orange dress. There is something just so beautiful about bright colors on chocolate skin. It just can’t be replicated. Some may say it’s a ‘no no’ but I say it’s a ‘HELL YES.’ I haven’t given up on the idea that of that fashion line yet, stay tuned. I might just make it happen.

It’s Friday!! So excited for the weekend, it’s the weekend before my two week vacation and I’m thrilled!! Shout out to the Grenadian flag, I just happen to stumble upon while out shooting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Do you think the little orange dress is just as chic as the little black dress?

Dress: Forever21 old (similar)
Shoes: Forever21 s/o (similar)
Sunglasses: Forever21

The Most Inspiring Thing You Will See on the Internet All Year

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As the video of the shooting and death of another black body circulates, I made a conscious effort to avoid it. At this point, I cannot handle news of another life taken. I am sure so many of you are in the same boat. The weight of these hateful acts has taken more of a toll than I can truly express.

Instead of reading countless articles, listening to reporters reinvent the story and viewing countless tweets, I decided to seek out inspiring things. I searched for things that can lift my spirit out of the dark hole and remind me of the incredibly resilient spirit of black people. This is where Zion Harvey comes in. Out of thousands of stories, his stuck out to me as the most inspiring story I have seen on the Internet all year.

The most inspiring thing you will see on

Harvey, an incredibly happy eight year old boy, just received the first successful bilateral hand transplant.

At two years old, he lost his hands and feet to a life threatening infection, which caused multi-organ system failure. It is really inspiring and miraculous that he survived it with his spirit intact. No matter what comes his way he handles it with grace.

As much as I can write about the amazing characteristics of this young individual, the video below serves him much more justice. Check it out to see Harvey’s journey and how he is a breath of fresh air in a world of chaos.

If you have any inspiring and uplifting videos, please share them below! I cannot wait to have more to add to my collection.